3 Mistakes Married Women Make In The Bedroom That Turn Their Husbands Off

There are several things that men and women are not suppose to do in their marriage. This actions can weaken the marriage union and possible lead to break up or divorce. It is very important that both women and man are careful with some of their Actions and Activities. Here are mistakes Wives make in the bedroom that turns their husband off.

1. Most women made the mistake of not taking shower after preparing the dinner. Some are usually tired and lazy, they would go to bed smelling spices and other food condiments. Men are easily turn off when their wife fail to maintain a simple good hygiene. Dear women, always take your bath in the night after cooking dinner.

2. There are women who snore while sleeping. Not all men are comfortable when their spouses is snoring during bed time. There are some that would no longer want to share a bed room with their wives because she snores.

3. There women who do not know that hey should be changing their bed sheets once in two days. They leave the bed sheet dirty and expect their husband to enjoy their sleep on a Dorty bed sheet. If the bed sheet is always Dirty, your husband would start sleeping on a sofa in the sitting room.


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