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3 Notorious Criminals That Will Never Be Forgotten In Nigeria’s History And How They Died

There has been a lot of criminals in the country since way back. However, some criminals took it to another level as the act of criminality was an art for them. It was as if they studied it as they became masters in it, becoming a terror to the entire nation. Have you ever heard of Anini and Shina Rambo? Well, they are a few on the list as I will be telling you about 3 notorious criminals that would never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria.

Some people may have not been born or were still kids when these criminals were in full swing. You can go on to ask parents, guardians or grandparents about them.

1. Lawrence Nomanyagbon Anini

He was popularly known as “The Law” or simply called “Anini”. He was the greatest criminal and armed robber in the history of Nigeria. His name would never be forgotten in a hurry, especially for those who grew up in the 80s. He reigned in Edo and Delta states known as Bendel then. He had a gang and they began as robbers, car snatchers and raiders. In fact, some policemen supplied Anini with guns and information. Anini killed a lot of people including policemen while robbing and he became a terror as his case was discussed amongst the government then. To cut the long story short, he was later caught and executed on the 29th of March, 1987.

2. Dr. Ishola Oyenusi

He would have been on the top of this list as he was the first and widely known armed robber in Nigeria. However, Anini surpassed him. Oyenusi reigned in the 70s and was known for disappearing. People said bullets could not penetrate his body and that he could disappear to escape being caught. Most people also believed that he used charms in this effect. He was from Osun State and was later executed on the 8th of September in 1971. He was smiling as he was shot to death.

No one believed that he could ever be caught. He didn’t finish secondary school but called himself a doctor.

3. Shina Rambo

For years to come, the name “Shina Rambo” would keep ringing in the ears of Nigerians that witnessed him. In the era of Shina Rambo, people lived in terror and fear of their lives. He was from Abeokuta and the brain behind majority of the crimes in the West. He killed and robbed without mercy. Even the police were afraid of him as he was said to be invisible most times. Rambo was a hardened criminal and killer.

Some people believe he is a myth because he did a lot of unbelievable things. He had 9 herbalists make him charms and proceeded to kill them all. He did not want anyone knowing his secret. It is said that he is now a pastor known as Matthew Oluwanifemi as he was just sentenced to 11 years in prison.



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