If You Have These 3 Qualities You Will Succeed In Life No Matter The Challenges


Attaining “success” is the hardest task on earth. It is the basic essence of existence. You live your entire life, fighting day and night simply because you want to be successful. As you continue in this constant hustle and bustle, you often come to some points where you become discouraged and begin to wonder if you would ever achieve success in your lifetime.

One major challenge with many people is they often pay too much attention to other people’s lives, that they begin to feel they are never going to make it, forgetting the fact that everyone has his/her unique timetable. With the above facts established, I want to share with you 3 basic qualities needed for success. If you have these three, you will succeed against all odds.


Determination is a state of mind, an internal decision over a particular purpose. It is being resolute on achieving a goal despite possible impediments. Scholars believe there is a little genius in every man with unlimited power to bring into fulfillment the determinations of the mind. If you are determined at succeeding, you will get there.

Hard work

Life is hard and it requires hard work to crack the tough rocks enclosing the golden pears of success. If you are a hard-working person, you’re on your way to success. However, you also need to add smartness to your hard work.


It’s difficult to point at any successful person who has never experienced failure. Most of the great people we read about today were once serial failures who refused to back out. You are not making it now shouldn’t be a conclusion that you will never make it. Continue with your hard work, constantly innovate your skills, and be consistent, your days of victory will surely come.

In a nutshell; no one can condemn you to failure except you condemn yourself. You may not be there now but with your determination, hard work coupled with consistency, you will certainly drive into success in your lifetime.

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