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3 Reasons Why All Igbos Should Join Hands With The Army To Stop The Activities Of The ESN (Opinion)

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At this moment when the country’s security architecture is being stretched to its limitless, all Nigerians should try and complement the efforts of the security agencies to win the war against the various enemies of the country irrespective of where they are operating from, and not to compound the problem any further.

Since the news of the formation of the Eastern Security Network broke out some weeks ago, the rate of insecurity in the country increases sharply to a record high. Since then, the South Eastern part of the country which were relatively peaceful is gradually turning to a war front.

Recall that, the Eastern Security Network which has since been declared as illegal by the government of the five Eastern states, was formed by the leader of the proscribed IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu that is not in the country due to some major problems he has with the federal government.

In this Article, I want to outline one or two reasons why all Igbos should urgently join hands with the Nigeria Army to stop the activities of the Eastern Security Network in the Southeastern part of the country.

It could lead to unrest, and may claim the lives of innocent Nigerians in that region: let us not deceive ourselves, the federal government and her security agencies will not fold their arms and watch individuals, taken laws into their hands in any part of the country.

Yes, there are insecurity situations in the country, but when the right thing is done through the wrong channel or persons, its value is lost. If the activities of the ESN continue beyond this level, it will bring more military presence in that region, and that won’t be a good story to innocent people in the area.

Igbo presidency: a lot of Nigerians are ready to make case for the Igbos in the coming presidential election. Igbo themselves should not deny themselves that opportunity to rise into the federal politics in the country by pulling the country into problems.

If the activities of the ESN is allowed to flush, and lack of trust is created in the minds of other Nigerians, it will affect the chances of Igbos to win the presidency in 2023.

In fact, even presidential primary elections of the major political parties such as APC and PDP may not be won by Igbos, and when this happens, Igbos will have to wait longer than necessary to assume the country’s highest political post.

The activities of the ESN is endangering the lives of Igbos in other parts of the country: another reason why all Igbos should join hands with the security agencies to flush out the illegal ESN from the region, is because of the negative effect it could have on Igbos living in other parts of the country.

For example, there are numberless Igbo Men women in the northern part of the country. If ESN is allowed to continue their hate for the Northerners living in the region, one day, the other side may want to retaliate, and this will be a huge lost to the Igbos in general.

These are the reasons why I think all Igbos including individuals, religious leaders, sociocultural groups, etc should join hands with the military to put and end to the activities of the ESN as quickly as possible.

Note that, if the Igbos in the region join hands with the Army who are currently trying to put an end to the activities of the ESN in the region, tension of any sort will be permanently defeated in the region.

Igbos, especially those living in the region can help by providing information about the hideout of the operatives of the ESN to the security agents. They can equally be called to order by Igbo leaders) elders in order to prevent any calamity in the region.

Eastern security is an illegal organization formed by an illegal group, therefore, no responsible government would fold its hands and watch the security of the country been rubbished by such an organization. The faster we realize that, and act appropriately, the better for the region.

Thanks for your time!


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