3 Reasons Ladies Often Dump Good Men

Have you ever wondered why ladies don’t stay too long with good men? Or why ladies still crave the attention of the Playboys, those regarded as the bad boys? When you ask yourself these questions, you begin to wonder what these good men are doing wrong that’s making them become too boring for ladies.

You don’t have to be a cheat or play with ladies’ emotions before you can keep them in a relationship, you only need to know the reasons why ladies dump the self-acclaimed good men and don’t stay too long with them in a relationship.

In this article, I will be showing you three reasons why ladies often dump good men.

  1. They appear to be clingy

This is the first reason why ladies dump good men, good men usually appear to be clingy probably because they easily get jealous. So out of their jealousy, they believe that they have to stay with their lady at all time, give her all their attention, in order to prevent her from cheating on them. Ladies hate this particular behaviour that good men exhibit, ladies don’t like it when you give them too much attention, they feel overshadowed, and sometimes feel like they don’t have their freedom. And this pushes them into dumping these good men.

  1. They appear as too principled

This is another reason why ladies dump good men, they set too many standards and principles for themselves and sometimes pressure their lady into adapting to that way of life, and also setting high standards for themselves as well. This sometimes doesn’t sit well with the ladies, ladies don’t like it when you try to change them, or when you try to make them become something else that they are not.

If you’re a man, and you intend to keep your lady in the relationship, you need to know this, you don’t have to change her, you don’t have to make her become like you, she’s different and you need to understand and accept that. This exactly is the reason why ladies dump good men.

  1. They appear to be boring.

Ladies also believe that good men are usually boring, they don’t have the wild experiences that make relationships interesting, and that explains why ladies often dump them. As a man, you’re expected to be vast in your knowledge and to have various experiences that can spice up your relationship, if you intend to keep your lady in that relationship.

These are the reasons why ladies often dump good men.

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