3 Reasons Some Women Are Not Proud Of Their Husbands Despite Wealth (Opinion)

There are women are not proud of their husbands. This could be as a result of several factors that turns them off. In this article we shall discuss briefly about the reasons why some women aren’t proud of their husbands no matter how rich he is.

  1. Most women are not proud of heir husband if he is a stack illiterate. Illiteracy could be a huge turn off for most women. Despite the fact the man is rich, but they are not proud of going in the public as they believe the man is not educated and would embarrass them infront of her friends.

  2. Bad odour or poor hygiene of most men is a huge turn off for women. If your your body always have foul smell, your woman would never be proud to go around in the public with you. No matter how rich you are, people might even say your husband is ritualist because he doesn’t smell nice all the time.

  3. Not all women are proud that their husband is over thirty years older than them. Though there are some woman who don’t mind the age difference, but there are some who are ashamed of walking on the street with their husband who is old enough to be their father.


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