3 Secrets Ladies Don’t Want Men To Know About (Opinion)

As funny as it may sound, there are some secrets that ladies don’t want men to know about them, these secrets aren’t that dark or wild, but they are about some funny things that ladies do behind closed doors that they don’t want men to know about.

In this article, I will be showing you three secrets that ladies don’t want men to know about them.

  1. That they have a crush on a guy

As funny as this is, it is the truth because you barely see a lady that will walk up to a guy and just be like “I have a crush on you” oh no, don’t get me wrong, there could be some ladies like that, but trust me just 25% of them can walk up to the guy and say it. Ladies secretly have a crush on you but they wouldn’t let you know, all they can do is just keep staring at you, giving you this cool face, showing you how beautiful they are, and I think a reasonable guy would actually understand what that means.

You just need to pay attention to the little cues that they would be showing you, like calling you big head, following you everywhere you go, giving you more than enough attention, etc.


  1. That they stalk guys’ social media account

Ladies sometimes could be complicated, no offence, I’m just saying. Ladies stalk guys on social media but they just don’t want others to know they do stuff like that, and if a lady stalks you, you already know what that means right? she knows 50% of you already. Ladies are very smart and discreet with their stalking, they would do it in such a way that you won’t even notice, they would leave no traces that might give you the hint that they are stalking you. This is another thing ladies don’t want men to know about them.

  1. That they often get jealous

You know sometimes when I see ladies that say they don’t get jealous, all I do is laugh cause I know you are kidding or playing around. What ladies do is just Lie and hide the truth. Most ladies out there don’t like to show or allow their partner to know that they are jealous. They are just going to be like I’m not jealous, why would I be jealous, calm down ma, we know you are, you just don’t want to show you do, it’s fine it’s part of the things ladies don’t want guys to know about them.

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