3 Signs A Girl Likes You, But Is Hiding It From You (Opinion)

In every guy’s life, there is a time, where he will fall and be in love with a girl and would wish to know if the girl likes him too, to avoid rejection of any kind.

Signs that girls show may be intentional or not, but either way, guys must be smart to be able to read girls’ actions properly.

In this article, we Will be looking at 4 signs that a girl likes you, but is trying to hide it.

  1. Her Friends Behave Strangely When You Are Around

When a girl is in love with a guy, the first people she will tell are her very close intimate friends, and they will definitely use it to tease her.


If you notice some strange behaviors from her friends when you talk to her, it’s a sign that she likes you, and has probably told her them.

  1. She Gets Nervous Around You

This is a clear sign that a girl is trying to hide her feelings for you. Oftentimes, when girls try hard to hide their feelings, it comes out in form of shyness or nervousness. Go ahead to ask her out, you may be lucky.

  1. She Gives You Hint Of Her Free Time

A girl hiding her feelings will always disguise, instead of telling you things directly, she will just give you hints, and leave you to figure it out yourself.

If you notice she gives you hints of times she will be free, which means she likes you and wants to spend time with you.

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