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If You Are Doing These 3 Things, You Are On Your Fastest Route To Becoming Poor.

Poverty is a common disease plaguing our society. According to statistics, over 40% of Nigeria population are poor. Many individuals and families are living in one hardship or the other, some have always find it difficult to complete 3-square meal a day, let alone, pay for house rent, buy clothes, among others.

Many entities have been blamed for this, while most people believe they are not born with silver spoon in their mouth, and they are meant to struggle, others believe, the government, is meant to cater for their needs, and as such, much blame is place on the government, however, it should be noted that some people’s behavior and ways of life has often lead them to one problem or the other and even the intervention of the government, wouldn’t cure their problem.

To solve this problem, many things have to be avoided, while other things are put in place. In this article, we discussed 5 major things someone must avoid,in order not to be poor

  1. Buying without forethought.

Many people have been victim of their own poverty because they’re just moved and prompt into action by what they see. What we have nowadays, are set of people, who just go to market, and buy things they didn’t even plan for.

If someone behaves like this, such a person is likely to be without savings and investment, and on the long run, becomes a better, to satisfy their unnecessary desire to possess things.

  1. Debts.

One of the easiest thing that lead people into debt is, indiscipline. Many people cannot tame their appetite for food and other stuffs and as such, borrow things at will.

While, anyone can be in need of one thing or the other, if borrowing will come up, it has to be on something important, meaningful, and urgent, instead, it must not be on needles things.

  1. Living beyond your income.

An adage says, cut your coat according your size. It’s not a crime, if someone understands how he or she is and try to live a modest life based on what he or she earn.

It’s peaceable when someone live within what he or she earn, it’s rather more demonic and disastrous if someone tries to impress others outside and ran into debt after outliving his or her salary.

The moment an individual tries to live beyond what he or she earns, such a person is beckoning on poverty.

Take note of all these things, work on it and see poverty run away from you.


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