3 Things Ladies Enjoy In Men (Opinion)

There hasn’t been a lot of literature written on the fleshy desires of ladies and even those indirect desires that some of them don’t even know about. It’s almost as if we don’t place priorities on the wants and enjoyment of ladies, we’re usually too focused on the men, the things that they like and find attractive in ladies etc. Ladies are humans, just like men, they also have desires and taste buds, they have things that they enjoy and find appealing In men, as well as those things that irritated them. We need to start paying attention to all of these if we will ever get to reduce the rate of divorce and broken homes in our community.

I have realised this little relevance given to the preferences of ladies, and that explains why I have written this article, to enlighten you on those things that ladies enjoy in men, those things that they like and find appealing in men but might not tell you. In this article, I will be showing you four things that ladies enjoy in men but might not tell you.

  1. Humour

This is the first thing that ladies enjoy in men but might not tell you. If you are very sensitive, you must have noticed how ladies like to flock around men that are very funny, they don’t have to be very attractive or physically built, as long as they have a very high sense of humour, ladies will always be around them. Ladies are usually overwhelmed with different thoughts, friends that have offended them, tasks that they are yet to do, family members that they need to call, customers that they need to deliver to etc. A whole lot of different thoughts and they usually need time just to laugh and get some things off their chest, this explains why ladies enjoy humour in men, as it helps them get rid of some stress.

  1. Responsibility

This is another thing that ladies enjoy in men but might not tell you. How ladies measure responsibility in men is usually different, they measure it in terms of having your own house, having your own car, having a job, paying your own bills, keeping mature and successful friends etc. This is how ladies measure responsibility in men, and they enjoy it.

  1. Independence

Ladies also enjoy it when a man can make his own independent decisions, when he doesn’t have to call his friends or his parents before he makes a decision, or when he doesn’t allow the opinion of others to influence his decision. Ladies usually see this type of men as manly, and they enjoy this attribute in them.

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