3 Things Ladies Want From Their Man Apart From Money

Money keeps a relationship going but it’s not the only thing a relationship needs. There are so many things girls want apart from just money.

Majority of guys are with the mindset that once they give their girlfriend money, then that’s all. This is very wrong and that mindset needs to change.

Today, we are going to be discussing some of the things you need to give to your lady apart from money.

1. Attention

How will you be a guy and you only give your girlfriend money without paying the attention she needs? Ladies love it when you pay them attention. Give your woman time, spend time together with her. This is even better than just giving her money all the time.

2. Love

Haven’t you ever heard what they do say, that money can’t buy love? This is true because love is even more than money. This is where all relationships build up. It’s the most important thing every person in a relationship have to offer their partners. A relationship is nothing without love.

3. Care

This is another thing all ladies want. Showing a woman how much you care for her makes her happy and feel safe around you. Buy her what she needs, take her shopping, show her how much you care for her and you would be happy you did.

Note: To all guys out there, this doesn’t mean that you should give your woman money anymore.

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