3 Things That Would Make Ladies Give You Attention

I have heard series of stories about ladies being stingy with their attention, you should understand that this statement is usually promoted by men who are unable to get the ladies that they like. It’s usually funny whenever I hear this statement because as a man, you’re not supposed to be the one fretting over the fact that ladies are not giving you attention, you only need to know the right things to do, that would make ladies pay attention to you. You are the one that has more to bring to the table when it comes to a relationship, so you’re not supposed to be wasting your time thirsting for ladies’ attention, that time should be invested into doing something else.

I understand that most men are finding it difficult to attract the attention of the ladies that they like, and that explains why I’ve written this article, to enlighten you on the things that would make ladies pay attention to you. In this article, I will be showing you three things that would make ladies give you attention.

  1. Your walking posture

This is the first thing that would make ladies give you attention. Your walking posture needs to exude confidence and a lot of self-respect, when ladies see you coming, thru should be tripping for you without you even saying any word. The main reason why ladies pay attention to your walking posture is that they try to analyze if they would want people to see them walking side by side with you or not. If your walking posture expresses enough self-confidence, they would start giving you attention.

So as a man, you may need to start doing some posture exercises that might help straighten up your body and probably improve your walking posture.


  1. Your reputation

This is another thing that ladies look out for, and would also make them give you attention. Ladies like to associate themselves with men that appear to be very popular amongst their peers, and that’s where your reputation comes in. If you want ladies to start giving you attention, you need to build your reputation to a height that ordinary people can start recognizing you. There are different ways you can do this, you may join a community club or a social club that’s recognized and respected in your environment.

  1. Your communication fluency

The way you talk is another thing that would make ladies give you attention, if you can talk smartly and boldly, ladies would pay attention to you. Ladies are generally sapiosexual, they are attracted to men that can challenge them intellectually especially through verbal communication. So if you’re very smart and fluent in your communication, ladies will give you attention.

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