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3 Things Men Deserve From Their Wives (Opinion)

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There are things that attract a man to you but there other things that makes a marriage last for a very longtime. If you are a girl or a married woman, you should learn to build a happy home with these three basic things. These things make a man to love you for real and won’t want to leave your side.

Here Are Three (3) Things Men Deserve From Their Wives:

#1. Love

All men want to always love their wives, even at old age. Love is what made him married you in the first place. It is your responsibility to make his still love, you should be able to identify what he loves the most about you and keep it intact. If you lose to maintain his love for you, you may lose him to another man or get divorced. Losing the love a man has for hid wife is one the factors that triggers cheating in marriage. If you want your man to be happy again, think about what he shared with you when you guys first met and reintroduce them in your marriage. That is a hot strategy because Some family may be poor but lives happily, this is because true love is existing in that family.

#2. Respect.

A man want respect from his wife, respect helps and keeps the family going. As the head of the family he needs all the respect he deserves from his wife. This will make him keep focus and concentrate on the affairs of the family. Respect is not by just greeting him good morning nor welcoming well when he comes back from work. Respect is an attitude of consideration or high regard, you can show your husband respect in so many ways. You don’t argue with him when he is with his friends and colleagues, you don’t do things that may affect him without seeking his ideas and contributions, you don’t tell people about his shortcomings, you don’t joke with his stomach and hobbies, you don’t call your parents or his parents without trying to settle dispute between yourselves, you don’t insult him both in private and in public. All these are different ways of showing him the respect he deserves. This will make you a good wife and he will also respect you for that.

#3. Companionship

Your man want you to be his best friend, mother and sister, someone he would talk to in times of trouble. Make out time to make him happy and discuss with him things that affect his personal life. This is one thing I really like about marriage, it helps in building a heathy marriage. Husband and wife are meant to look out for each other. As a lady, you should maintain a happy home, men love women who are smart and lively. No man will want to go back home to meet a nagging and boring woman. Learn to keep him company, learn to play with him, learn to, to ask him questions about his work and difficulties he faces in life and work place, learn to do before he ask, etc. Doing these things will multiply the love has for you.

Note: I know you can’t be 100% perfect but you can always keep trying. To build an healthy marriage, you have to be strong and keep trying to be the best you can be. Jumping from one marriage to the other us not good for a lady.

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