3 Things Men Hate To Hear From A Woman

Relationship is not for the feeble minded, there are things woman should Avoid saying to their man. Most men do not like complaining about the things they hate to hear from their woman. In this article, you shall see things men hate to hear from a woman.

  1. Dear women, Whatever you do in a relationship, never you compare your man to your ex boyfriend or any other man. Men hate it when their woman compare them to other men. It makes them look like they are less qualify to date a woman.

  2. Men Hate to hear a woman insult their parents or siblings. No matter what you say, never drag a man’s family into an argument, the Man can hate you for that.

  3. Men hate to hear their woman use Sweet words like Babe, Honey on another man. Most women might use these sweet words on their casual male friends, but their man would not like it when she hear her address them with such words.


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