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3 Things You Should Never Tell Anyone Through a Phone Call, No matter What




Many people are not careful with the kind of information they give out when making a call, due to the relevant information people are giving on a phone call has gotten to the extent that many people have been blackmailed and scammed. Remember that we are now in the world of technology and science, so not every sensitive information must you give out during a phone call.

Instead of giving such information on a phone call, you should send an easy text message, it only costs 4-10 naira depending on your Telecom. Moreover, threatening people through a phone call is very dangerous because it can easily ruin your life.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you or telling you the 3 important pieces of information that you should not give out when making a call.





  1. Like I said earlier that threatening people through a phone call is very dangerous because it is the easiest and simplest way to ruin your life and you might end up in jail. Never try to threaten someone about his life through a phone call, if you are threatening to kill someone when making a call and the subject died moment, days or month after that, believe me, that your life is in danger because the police might investigate his calls.

Be warned and don’t say such Information through a phone call because you might end up in jail.

  1. Disclosing your sensitive or important secrets is not good when making a phone call, most times those who you trust will seek your secrets on a phone call with you knowing that they are planning to ruin your life, so they will record everything you said, and the next thing is to plan how to bring you down.

Be warned and don’t disclose your sensitive secrets during a phone call, it’s not good.

  1. Never give out your bank or ATM details to any unknown caller because your bank never requests any of these from you, many people have been scammed by giving out their bank details which are not supposed.

Be warned, never give out your bank or ATM details to an unknown caller.

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