3 Things Women Do In Their Boyfriend’s Place

Every woman is different and unique in their own way. There women who knows how to take good care of their boyfriend. Most times women do not know what to do at their boyfriend’s place. Some of them help their man to arrange his house and keep in order, while some women think that they not obliged to do any house chores at their man’s place until they are married. Here are things women do in their boyfriend place.

  1. Most of them only go to their boyfriend’s house just to snap pictures with his bathroom, sitting room and car. They upload these pictures on social media and claim they are the owners.

  2. Some of them only go there to eat and drink. Some even go home with his food without his consent. They feel they are the boss lady of the man, and so do as they like in his house. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

  3. After spending night at her boyfriend’s house, he would leave her hair comb, under wears and even wig. They do this so that they could mark their territory and show that they are woman of the house.

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