3 Types Of Girls To Avoid In 2021 In Order To Succeed As A Man

It is often said that behind a successful man, there is a strong and prayerful woman. That a woman prayer and advice is like guiding light to the paths of a man’s success. This is why in this new year, as a man it is very vital to avoid these three kinds of women. They are:

1. The materialistic one: As a man you must not be near materialistic women this year if you want to succeed. The only thing they think about is money and how to spend it. They do not think of investing it and they always cry and complain that you are stingy for not giving them enough. If you are planning to succeed, run away from them.

2. The drug addicts: This year you must make a resolution to never go after things that would tarnish your image and would diminish your growth spiritually. It is very vital to go far away from women who are addicted to drugs and abuses drugs.

3. The ignorant ladies: The ignorant are as dangerous as the drug addict and the materialists. They do not know anything about life except things like fashion and gossip. They can not engage in any civil communications or discussions.

Finally, it is very important to avoid all these ladies this year in order to succeed. Thanks for reading my post


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