3 Ways To Make A Girl Fall For You Through Chatting Online

Social Media has literally taken over the world, and almost everyone connects through social media!

Since the advancement of technology, people do so many things online like shopping, businesses, and even dating!

Online dating has become extremely popular, and numerous couples have met on one dating site or the other. So, you can as well say that dating sites are the new “Cupids”!

With so many lockdowns and restrictions these days, it has become difficult to meet people in real life, and most people have to rely on online dating!

As a guy, going online and meeting a girl is not a problem, but keeping her interested in you and make her to ultimately fall for you is the challenge!

However, I got you covered, and below are 3 simple ways to make a girl fall for you through chatting online!

  1. Be different and pay attention to details

First and foremost, before chatting up that pretty girl online, you should bear in mind that there are numerous other guys chatting her up!.. now, what you should be thinking about is how to stand out among the rest!

If you want to get a girl’s attention online, you shouldn’t be like every other guy. You should make an impact, and your very first message should do that for you! Don’t make the mistake of telling her how beautiful and sexy she is in the very first message. There’s every possibility she has heard that from hundred other guys, and is quite tired of hearing it!

You should pay attention to details and start the conversation with an original mind-expanding message like asking her questions related to her profile bio or talk about any of her intersting posts/pictures. This will definitely get her attention and create a chance to kick off an interesting conversation, because it shows you’re unique and pay attention to details.

  1. Never invade her privacy

We all cherish our privacy and personal space, but some guys make the mistake of getting too personal with girls online!

When you start chatting with a girl online, you should take things slow and avoid creeping her out with certain topics or questions. Invading a girl’s privacy online is not only rude, but it shows you’re nosy, and that can be annoying to most girls. It’s okay to chat her up and check up on her from time to time, but you should know when not to go overboard and start suffocating her.

Girls hate when a guy constantly bugs them, and when you’re always on her case without giving her breathing space, she’ll start getting irritated at you and might end up blocking. So, it’s important to set a limit for yourself and respect her privacy because this will make her respect you as well and ultimately fall for you.

  1. Tell her jokes and laugh at her own jokes

I’m not saying you should turn into a comedian or anything, but making a joke or two, especially when you start chatting with a girl online will help to lighten up the mood and make her feel comfortable with you!

There’s a belief that girls will always choose a guy that makes them laugh, so using that to your advantage is a great way to make a girl fall for you online! Even if you’re not naturally funny, there’s no need to force it, but coming up with a funny line once in a while should do the trick. Just try to be free with her and not fake your personality just to impress her.

Also, most girls love guys that are not shy to laugh when something is funny. In fact, it’s a huge turn on for girls when a guy always laughs at their jokes or what they have to say. Being uptight with a girl, especially online will make her lose interest in you. So, if you want to make a girl fall for you, try and make her laugh and also laugh when she says something that requires it!


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