3 Words Women Like To Hear From Their Man

A man should be able to say sweet words to his women cause women to love it when their man says sweet words to them especially words that can make them feel loved and special. A woman deserves to be treated and handled in the right way and there is some kind of words they want to hear their man say.

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In this article, I will be discussing 3 words women like to hear from their man. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1 A woman loves it when her man says “I love you so much” to her cause it’s a word that turns her on. It doesn’t how many times you can say such a word to your woman, just say it to her whenever you have the opportunity to say it. Saying such words to a woman and proving it through your actions is makes her happy.

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2 A woman wants you to always tell her how much she means to you and the joy you have because she is in your life. When you tell a woman how much she means to you, it makes her feel loved and happy that her man appreciates her for being in his life.

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3 Women love it when a man compliments their look especially when they newly make their hair and buy new dresses for themselves.

When you compliment your woman’s look she will be confident with herself and not intimidated by others.

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