“I Am In My 30s, We Were Planning To Settle Down Together And This Happened”- Man Cries Out

Being in a relationship is a good thing, especially when you find the right person. However, some people derive nothing but series of heartbreak in a relationship. It is also sad to part ways with someone you love dearly, because of some irregularities.

After being in a romantic relationship for some time, the next thing young people think of is marriage. So is the case of this young man.

The young man whose name is Abdul Laslim shared an experience he had with his long-time girlfriend on Facebook,

Abdul Laslim is a 30-year old young man who has been dating his girlfriend for about a year now. The lovers were also planning to get married, but unfortunately, something strange happened, and that is the aspect which Abdul solicits your advice.

There is a toddler in Abdul’s compound who is very much close to him. The first time the toddler saw Abdul’s girlfriend, she got scared and crawled very fast to her mother. Abdul quickly ran after the toddler, carried her and brought her to where his girlfriend was sitting. But this time around, the toddler cried even the more. For this reason, he got scared and shocked as well. He wondered why the toddler cries uncontrollably on seeing his girlfriend. Abdul then asked his girlfriend why the toddler cries on sighting her, but to this, she said she doesn’t know why.

About two days later, his girlfriend visited him, but on seeing his girlfriend, the baby got scared and started crying, crawling towards her mother. This really got Abdul worried. It was at this point that he jokingly asked his girlfriend if she is a witch. On asking this question, she got angry and left the house without even saying a goodbye. He began racking his brain and pondered. He asked himself; is she a witch? Does she have a marine spirit? What did the little girl saw in her that made her cry always?

However, his girlfriend later called in the evening telling him that she was not possessed, and that he shouldn’t allow the toddler come between the both of them.

To cut the long story short, the toddler died in less than two weeks. He is scared if the toddler saw something in his girlfriend, that made her want to kill the toddler.


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