4 Armed Robbers Helped Me After My Husband Chased Me At 3AM From Streets - Mc Ebisco 4 Armed Robbers Helped Me After My Husband Chased Me At 3AM From Streets - Mc Ebisco

4 Armed Robbers Helped Me After My Husband Chased Me At 3AM From Streets

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Marriage is a blessing from God and each girl’s choice is to have a glad own circle of relatives however for “Njeri” now no longer her actual call regrets being in love together along with her husband. Talking to Monicah kagoni on several YouTube channels in an application recognized as “meta ya kagoni” she narrates her ordeal. She met together along with her first husband and had been blessed with children each girl.

Their marriage was by no means labored and her abusive husband chased her away. One day after brutal combat together along with her husband she runs away at three a.m. “On my manner, I met with four armed robbers who requested me wherein turned into going. I informed them I used to be assaulted and chased away via way of means of my husband” ‘Njeri’ informed the Monicah The robbers requested her whether they can assist her to kill her husband however she declined.

The robbers escorted her to her mother and father’s domestic and left. Her father cautioned her by no means to head again to an abusive marriage and instead live domestic and be helped via way of means of her mom to carry up her daughters. After difficult existence at her mother and father domestic, she determined to visit Nairobi to paintings wherein she met her 2d husband.

The marriage nonetheless by no means labored for 2d time however it turned into an on and stale marriage. Later they determined to transport them on after her husband changed. They labored very difficultly and their existence commenced shining. Her husband later returns to in advance conduct or even commenced slumbering together along with her daughter.

After she observed there has been affairs among her husband and her daughter she determined to set a entice to get them. On a fateful day, ‘Njeri’ had long gone to a sanatorium on returning to the residence she reveals her husband and daughter together.

She determined to invite her daughter what turned into taking place and discover she turned into assaulted via way of means of her father. Her husband turned into arrested and the case continues to be withinside the court.

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