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4 Bad People Cashing Out Under Buhari, No 2 Is Untouchable

Despite the hardships being encountered in the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, some unscrupulous people are flourishing in their various endeavours.

The categories of these bad guys can be seen below:

(1) The corrupt politicians:

In every sector of Nigeria, there is always one fraud case or the other going on. Lack of transparency and accountability have become the order of the day. If you are corrupt and you are a member of the ruling party, APC, you will have a field day during these hard times.

(2) The Bandits:

The bandits are like the kings of the jungle. While civil servants are being owed salaries and other entitlements, the government is heavily paying bandits. All they need to do is kidnap defenceless students, get the needed media publicity, make their demands and the money lands big. Apart from oil, this is like the most lucrative business in Nigeria.

(3) Fake Pastors:

Once you can create attention about your craft, release prophecies and then perform some fake miracles, many people with problems will come flocking around you. You with their loyalty, get them to pay offerings and tithes. In no time, you will be counting millions as long as the congregation keeps growing. The truth is that the Buhari administration has created too many problems that people are now seeking spiritual alternative solutions.

(4) The Herdsmen:

There is a joke in Nigeria that the life of a cow is almost the same as that of a human being. These herdsmen mostly of Fulani extraction are like lords of the land. They have been accused of kidnapping, raping, murder, extortion, armed robbery, land-grabbing and also being a political force. If you are a Fulani herdsman during this administration, you might be living better than a medical doctor in Ondo State.

(5) Nollywood actresses:

Nollywood has become a den of prostitutes. In those days, their activities are clandestine. Nowadays, everything is done in the open. The sex market is booming and there are levels to it. The corrupt politicians, internet fraudsters, ritualists, oil thieves, trade cheats and money launderers enjoy this market with their financial might. There are enough beautiful women to go round.

(6) The Yahoo Boys:

This is just an extra. Since the economy of Nigeria is only performing on paper and not in reality, youths have been taking to criminality to survive the cash crunch in the land. The coronavirus pandemic has made the already bad situation worse but the fraudsters who make money in foreign currencies have nothing to worry about. They live like the landlords while higher institution graduates roam the streets looking for non-existent white-collar jobs or business opportunities.

Did I miss anything? You can make your reservations know in the comment section here.

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