4 Bad Things That May Happen To Nigerians If FG Fails To Resume School This Month

4 Bad Things That May Happen To Nigerians If FG Fails To Resume School This Month.

1. Students will develop apathy towards school

After what happened this year and all the problems we faced that forced all the students to stay at home if FG fails to resume school on the 18th of this month, the students will develop apthy towards school related issues this means the students will not be all that interested in anything school related and for your information some students have already start some other business since school failed to resume.

2. Teachers will starve

The teachers will starve because there source of income is from school which is no longer functional so they will not receive any salary, they ones that will manage to survive are the ones that have farm lands then apart from food humans need other things to survive which will not be available to them because they lack the funds to purchase such.

3. Inflation

The price of goods in the market will become more costly although it is already costly because the school workers is a good percentage of civil servant who receive salaries then purchase food stuff in the market, even if the price doesn’t inflate it will still be costly because the money to purchase goods Is no longer here.

4. Other areas of life will be affected

Other areas of life like the market sector and finance will be affected for obvious reasons of reduced numbers of customers and consumers who patronise such areas for example the boos and publishing sector will notice a high level of decline since school is no longer opened.

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