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4 Benefits Of Marrying A Secondary School Graduate

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There are tangible benefits of getting married to ladies who are secondary school graduates that most men are simply blind to.

Maturity is always seen as one of the foremost attributes a person should possess when it comes to the issue of marriage and relationship matters in general. It plays a key role in one’s decision of choosing a life partner and is always seen as a necessary ingredient in courtship. Sadly, this has made a lot of men to neglect good wife materials such as secondary school graduates with convincing thoughts that they may lack maturity or some other marriage attributes.

However, as one may be wondering what a secondarian may have to offer in a marital affair, below are 4 benefits of marrying a secondary school graduate.

1. Respect

Higher education has made a good number of ladies these days to feel on top of things and loose respect for men due to the equal level of knowledge. As educated ladies feel they also know all, a lady who only left secondary school may tend to be submissive to her man.

2. Spend less material things

It is fair to say that a lady who has not being to a higher institution may not have eyes for expensive material things like other ladies do. This is also a great benefit.

3. Spend less on meals

It is sometimes hard for many ladies especially those who have being to schools of higher learning to prepare a simple meal with little money. Many of them could spend over N1500 just to cook rice or yam pottage. However, a secondary school leaver is most likely to manage the little she gets from her man for a day’s meal.

4. Income generation

Most of those young secondary school graduates know the streets of the labour market better than their university or polytechnic counterparts, they also learn skills more. Any man who marries one should live a happy life.

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