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4 Diseases Caused By Eating Late At Night Revealed By A Doctor

A Doctor took to his official Twitter page, First Doctor, @firstdoctor and listed four (4) diseases caused by eating late at night.

As it has become a norm for some people to eat late at night without knowing the danger inherent in their actions, they must be aware of the danger and avoid the habit.

Although many of us are living in ignorance and that has caused many health problems in so many people.

It is expected that every one of us should be conscious of his health. The food one eats and the time he eats them determines how healthy he will be.


Experts have been warning that everyone should stop eating late particularly at night because the digestive system may not digest the food properly. And when that happens, the person’s health is badly affected.

So, to avoid having bad health because of eating late in the night, the Doctor advised that the meal should be kept for breakfast.

He wrote, “Eating late at night can cause acid reflux and heartburns, raises blood sugar levels, raises your risk of having heart diseases and raises your chances of having obesity (pot belly)”.

Then, he warned, “Stop eating late. Keep it for breakfast”.

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