4 Famous BBNaija Stars Who Have Sadly Lost Their Fathers (Photos)

Despite being rich and affluent, the need for caution to be taken in one’s health is essential for a long-lasting life. The BBNaija Stars have explained and told their sad stories of how their beloved fathers dropped dead either years before the show or after the show. Right from the start of the show, it brings along sorrows and sad discussions as housemates discuss their parental ordeals. Below are BBNaija Stars who have lost their fathers:

1. Joe Abdallah:

He participated in the Big Brother Naija pepper Dem show in 2019. Back in the house, he just loved asking people of their relationship experiences and searching for a possible way to solve the problems. This paved way for him until day 21, when he was evicted. Joe shared a tribute as regards his dead father on October 3rd 2019, where he described his dead father as a happy, funny and cute man who always loved telling hus children lovely stories.

2. Nina Ivy:

Nina was a participant in the Big Brother Naija Season 3 show, See Gone. A realistic and beautiful personnel who grabbed the love and votes from fans in 2016. Ivy was in tears last year as she couldn’t control her emotions as regards her father’s death on October 8th 2019.


One of the most beautiful housemates in Big Brother Naija Season 5 show who grabbed the love of ‘Ninjas’, who are her fans. She was a disciplined lady who didn’t wish to dive into any relationship with the house, but was friendly with her lover Ozoemena.

Nengi while in the house, gave her fellow housemates details of her father’s death as she said that her father died when she was 2 years old. The poor child suffered alongside her mother not until her mother died. She travelled to Bayelsa to live with her aunt, thereby struggling to become what she is today.

4. Laycon:

The first and most massive man of the year after he topped the Big Brother Naija Season 5 show with a 60% vote. Such massive votes and fans came as a result of his intelligent personality which paved way for his success. He is the 85million winner and a brave guy indeed. Laycon expressed his ordeal while in the house to the housemates, where he told them that his father had died a longtime ago. A Twitter user who added to this, told viewers that Laycon’s father was an ignoble and famous policeman who died a heroic death. His mother was his source of help not until he graduated from University of Lagos and is also a proud musician.

Despite earning all these reputations, these housemates still loose the fatherly love and care. Please let’s say some words of encouragements for these ex-housemates.

We pray that they will also succeed in life.

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