4 Nice Relationship Questions To Ask A Girl If You’re Having Feelings For Her.

Asking questions is one of the nicest ways to start if you want to know about someone and their expectations, in terms of relationships. So, if you’re having an interest in a girl, the following are some relationship questions that you can ask her.

(1). What types of guys do you like when it comes to dating? Asking this will instantly reveal the type of guys she likes if you listen to her carefully.

(2). What kind of relationship are you looking for right now? For instance, a guy is ready to marry but a girl is not, or on the contrary, the girl is ready, but the guy is not, and somehow they go into a relationship, Issues will arise, except for one compromise. So, it’s good to ask if you’re a guy who’s ready to settle down.

(3). If you had to choose your spouse based on just one question, what question would you ask? Note, Whatever the response may be, understand that it’s meaningful to her.


(4). What’s are some things a guy has done for you that you appreciate so much? Asking questions like this will help you to do things that would make a girl like you and become closer with you.

My conclusion is that, in a situation whereby the chance will not be there to spend much time with a girl and observe her lifestyle, there is no better way to know her than to ask questions, since, from her response, you will able to understands a few things about her. However, it’s all about asking questions that will not be too complicated for a girl to answer.

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