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4 Painful Truths In Life Nobody Will Tell You About

Has anybody ever told you that no one is an embodiment of all knowledge, and that no man will ever open up to tell you all the truth there is in life, even if they have access to it? Yet, these things are enclosed in the secret of all ages. Matter of fact, the success of many people will always depend on the universal truths that they know and apply.

The whole universe is built on principles and the degree to which you pay attention and carry out your role in achieving your set goals, is directly proportional to the commensurate degree to which you will excel in life.

In all honesty, I have decided to go out of my way just so I could unveil some things and bare some secrets. However, before you read any further, you must make up your mind that you are going to encounter some hardcore, painful truths about life. Now the reason for which I am writing this is simple, because many people will tell you that what you don’t know does not kill you – true lies. It is what you don’t know that kills you faster. Therefore, arm yourself with the requisite knowledge and navigate carefully through the ever complex nexus of human life.

  1. Many of your friends are loyal and friendly to you because of your current status and privilege

This is a sad truth and many people have learnt this lesson the hard way. Some of those people you call friends are friendly and loyal because of a few privileges you have. Once the table turns, they will adjust their sail. My candid advice is, when a relationship is dead ~ bury it. Because you’ll rise to honour again and you would be sought after.

  1. No one really and truly cares about you like your parents.

Family remains the strongest bond because when the chips go down, they would stand up and won’t let you down. Without questions, one of the major assignments your parents have are not unrelated to training and looking after you. When friends falsely pledge their loyalty, remind them that when a corpse starts smelling, the greatest of friends will disappear.

  1. Even your children may not look after you

It is true that your children are under obligation to take care of you but sometimes, life may take another turn and your expectations will assume a different colouration. Please understand the fact that I’m not a pessimist but many great and wonderful parents have died wretched because their children were not wise enough to take good care of them. As a parent, position yourself, gratuity, pension, plan your life after active service. Create some form of support system to sustain yourself just in case your children look the other way or go the high way.

  1. Any faith that is not backed up with work is a beautiful nonsense

I just hope the rendition of this point is not harsh but if it is, sink it in. It’s a corrective capsule from the Bible especially for those who are crossing their fingers and trusting that manner will fall in this dispensation. Going to church or mosque without something doing to support yourself and the family means that you have chosen the safe path of mediocrity. Dearie, you must have something you do, manner fell only once in the Bible. In the new testament, somebody brought something before it was multiplied. Even the Bible reveals that a man diligent in his work will go places and stand out before Kings.

Finally, the most important aspect of this write up is that you begin to act. Don’t just scroll up and go like you have seen another nice article on Opera News, do something right now and you’ll smile at last. Life is too short to try some things in error. Use leverage, stand on the shoulders of those ahead of you and you would do better.

Thanks for reading.

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