4 Places Guys Can Never Stop To Look At, In Girls.

1) Surveys have shown that nearly 70 % of men pay attention to woman’s eyes first

2) When a man sees a woman, he is subconsciously thinking whether he can have babies with her or not. That’s why the male brain is searching for a woman with larger hips and a smaller waist. … The studies have found the ideal proportion for a female body and a woman is better to have the waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10.

3) Hair: Nothing is more attractive than a girl knowing who she is and her worth. It’s true, the best accessory is confidence. The best guys are the ones that take notice of this confidence and celebrate it. Guys loves looking at girls hair.

4) Leg: Straight and slender legs are considered especially attractive, say researchers because they combine fragility and strength. … The outside of the perfect leg has a much longer and smoother convex curve. The curves on the inside and the outside of the legs should not be symmetrical.


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