4 Places Your Woman Wants You To Touch Her And Make Her Happy

Women are delicate human beings and so men have to careful when dealing with them. Most men are too careless and do not know how to control their emotions. When a man develop deep feelings for a woman, he becomes over excited. However, there are places your woman would want you to touch her and make her happy.

  1. Your woman would want you to touch or caress her hair. Women are comfortable whenever their man touch their hair gently.

  2. Most women love it when their man take good care of their beautiful face. Men are suppose to help them get rid of Acnes. Your woman might not ask you to do this, but it is important you help her remove the acnes without her telling you to do it.

  3. Neck is a very sensitive part of the body and women love it when their man touch or caress their neck. It usually tickles and make her excited.

  4. Most women giggle and laugh Loudly whenever you try whispering into their ears. This is because the ear is a receptive organ, they are very sensitive to sound and Touch. Try talk into your woman’s ear and you will see that it will make her happy.

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