4 Private Jets, Two Universities; This Nigerian Pastor Is Of The Richest In The World.

Am sure all of us will know this great man of God very well. However, let’s go through a short introduction fast.

The founding and chairing bishop of Living Faath Church, known as The Winners’ Temple, is Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, popularly referred to as “Papas” by his congregational members.

But he’s not only a pastor, he is also a writer who published several books, an educator, an inventor and an architect.

He was born in Kwara State into a mixed faith family. Ibrahim, his father, was a muslim healer, while Dorcas, his mother, was in charge of C and S.

His church, which is expanding through more than 40 nations of the world, has been named one of the most influential preachers in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

According to him he has a mandate from Heaven, by spreading the word of belief, to free the earth from all injustice of the devil.

According to Forbes, it is actually the richest shepherd in the world with an approximate net worth of over $150 million (around # 58b).

Though he only smiled when he was interviewed, it was way wealthier than his net worth.

He has 4 private jets and the University Covenant, based in Lagos, Nigeria, and the University Landmark, Omu Aran, State of Kwara. She has two universities.

Convenant University, Ota.

Landmark University Omu Aran

When his private jets were questioned, he said that the jets were not for him, but only bought for work in his ministry.

I think this Man Of God is a great representation of the intentions of God here on earth and his children.

What do you think? What do you think about this? In the comment area, share your views.

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