4 Sensitive Places To Touch A Woman To Drive Her Crazy Sexually, No. 2 Is The Best

The body of a woman could be like a field of mining. She’s going to moan at the right place. Touch her in the right place. Tickle her tummy on the ears, run down her feet with a finger.

This is a great article for you if you are a guy interested in learning how to give your girl better pleasure. Know, the physical is the most primordial pleasure.

You’re going to need to know how to explore your body if you really want to tap the animal trends of your girl.


1. The Hair

Women really like it when you admire their hair, particularly when you touch their hair. This is only normal. It is just normal. When your lady is done with pain, when new hair is needed, she just needs a gentle touch.

2. The Ears

In this small area of your body, there is a lot of nerve endings and it is touch-sensitive, which is probably why when properly touched it can be enticing. Ask your partner to gently explore your ear’s C-shaped shape and a few friendly kissing and treats will also lighten the fire. The orgasm may also be enhanced when penetration is coupled with it.

3. The Neck

The neck is the body part that protects and sustains the brain, as men should always touch a woman’s neck and frozen it periodically so as to alleviate stress.

4. The Face

This is the most important element because you have to keep your wife intact as a man all the time. It must make her know how beautiful she is with and without make-up.

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