4 Signs She Likes You But Is Scared To Tell You

A girl that secretly likes you might be hiding her feelings because she is scared of telling you in order not to get her feelings hurt. She might tell you how she feel about you, and you reject her, it will hurt her feelings so badly.

So the only way she will let you know that she likes you are by giving you some signs. Maybe, if she gives you this sign, and you don’t understand them, it might make her feel like you don’t want her.

These are the 4 signs that show that she likes you, but is scared to tell you.

  1. The girl will ask about you in your absence:

A girl that is into you will ask about you in your absence in order to gather more details about you before she actually starts talking to you and coming closer to you. She would like to know what interests you most and other things you like and hate.

  1. She will be behaving differently around you:

A girl that secretly likes you will behave differently once you approach and will be very careful when she is in front of you in order not to misbehave. She will try anything possible to get your attention.

  1. The girl will be sharing personal information with you:

She will disclose to you her personal details, interests, and truth. The girl is telling you all this because she wants you to love her for who she is, and she will try to get your own information too.

  1. Nervousness and shyness when you are around:

A girl who is in love with you, but doesn’t want to tell you because she is scared, will be shy and nervous whenever you are around her. Observe her hand movements whenever you are having a conversation with her.

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