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4 Things Davido Did For Chef Chi Before Their Separation Which He Never Did For Others


Davido, a super talented singer and Chioma Rowland who is popularly known as Chef Chi, were once an item before they both parted ways and they went their separate ways.

Notwithstanding, despite their reported schism, there were some lovely and special moments the two ex- couple partook that were memorable. In this write up, we will be seeing 4 special things that Davido did for Chef Chioma but never did them for other of his lovers.


Acquiring the Assurance porsche car:

The talented singer Davido splashed millions of Naira to acquire a brand new porsche luxurious wheels for Chioma Rowlands on her 23rd birthday. According to reports from Punch and vanguard, the wheels go for a whooping 45 million Naira.

The valuable wheels also came with a special number plate termed ” Assurance” . Davido has not reportedly given a car for any of his other lovers apart from Chioma.


Singing a special song for her:

Last two years, the popular singer made a song for Chef Chioma and it was the trending theme for a whole vintage. He used Chioma’ s name to produce a song termed ” Assurance” which has gained millions of views online.

This also is something that we have not seen him do for other of his lovers as Chef Chi really was regarded to be so special at that moment.



We would recall that Chef Chi has a son for the popular singer and all this also came with when Davido decided to move their relationship a little further by proposing to her.

Davido bought a valuable diamond engagement ring for her and Chioma said yes to his marriage suggestion. She was the only one, out of Davido’ s lovers that was proposed to.


Allowing her to be a video vixen:

Davido gave Chioma the occasion to be in 2 of his music tapes which was a hit track, an occasion other lovers did not get to enjoy.

Chioma appeared as a tape fury in ” Assurance and 1milli ” music tape where they got married in a well- themed espousal music tape. They looked so good together in the video as of that time. Well, I guess life happens and everyone maintained their lane.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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