4 Things You Should Do When A Girl Ignores Your Text

It’s quite understandable how painful it is to send messages to the one you so much cherish and admire and she keeps ignoring and not replying to them. It makes you wonder why she keeps doing that and sometimes you think she’s seeing another guy. In most cases, it’s not that she’s seeing another guy but you’ve not done the right thing to earn her attention.

A girl will only reply to your text if you are important or you matter to her. If you don’t, she keeps ignoring and sometimes makes a mockery of you with her friends.

To get her to really to your text how’s beyond your keep texting her you should consider some of these things I’ll mention in this article

  1. Stop Texting, Put A Call Through To Her.

You never can tell what mood she is in when she’s not responding to your text. It might even be that she is busy or she has a stressful day and she’s too tired to reply to your text. When you call her, she would get the chance to explain why herself. It might even be that she didn’t see your message, so don’t be too prompt to act otherwise.

  1. Don’t Assume.

Assumptions have successfully broken some relationships. This is a very bad thing to do. Don’t assume. When you do this and you eventually say what you assume to her ears, it automatically irritates her and makes her ignore you the more. Rather, be patient, if a girl will talk to you it’s not what you sag to her that would make her do that, she must be convinced that you’re the one she wants to talk to. Don’t assume.

  1. Find Out Who Her Favorite Musician Is.

Know the song and post lyrics on your WhatsApp status. Make sure she’s seeing your status. She will by herself, consciously or unconsciously reply to your status. Music has a unique way of bringing people together. You can then make your intentions known when you two have finally done talking about her favorite musical artist.

  1. Post her picture

When you do this, she automatically reach out to you herself

Read again. Have a nice day.

If you’ve any reservations, questions, or comments, please do well to use the comment box.


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