4 Things That Girls Desire, But They’re Shy To Make A Request

Most girls do not like asking thing from men because they don’t want to be demanding. Relationship depends on understanding and maturity. If you are girl, don’t feel shy requesting something from your man. Here are four things girls want but are shy to ask.

  1. Most men fail to introduce their woman To their friends. This is wrong because most girls really want their men to treat them special in front if their friends.

  2. There are men who do not know how to treat a lady. Most women Expect their man to surprise them with gift but they are shy to say it. Some women want to go on trips with their man, but are too shy to request such from him.

  3. Most women like eating the food of their man. But because cooking is a woman’s responsibility, they are shy to ask their man to cook for them. There are men who enjoy cooking for their woman, such men are highly valued by their woman.

  4. Most women want their man to be faithful but they are too shy to say it. This is because they don’t want their man to think they are insecure. No woman would ask his man to be faithful to her, Most men would think that you are indirectly calling him a cheat.


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