4 Things Guys Secretly Do When They Are In love With A Woman.

Love can make a man do things and behave in certain ways he wouldn’t do ordinarily, and you can’t necessarily blame them though as nobody can easily overcome what people call “falling in love”. Though men are not usually too straight forward with their emotions in some situations, yet they do things that shows that they’re truly in love .

In this article, we will discuss some of things guys or men do secretly when they fall in love with a woman.

1. They day-dream about their woman.

Guys can behave funny when they fall in love and sometimes, it can be very overwhelming. They would usually spend hours of the day day dreaming about their crush and thinking of imaginary fun moments they would be having with the person. This can often times make them lose concentration at work, school and other activities because the picture of their love is still stuck in their brain. Though this kind of feelings and daydreaming differs from person to person, as some guys are better at handling emotions than others, it is still something that happens.


2. They think alot about them at night.

Most guys, infact any guy that have ever fallen in love must’ve laid down in bed, hugged his pillow and wish it was actually a person! . This might seem or sound weird but naturally, the time we think of people we love most is at night when we’re lonely. Guys tend to miss their girls most at night for reasons that are quite difficult to fully understand. The reason might be that the said time is usually when all the chemistry and stuff happen. Hope you understand.

3. They’re always dying to hear from them.

Love can make some guys very desperate no matter how manly they claim to be. A woman’s voice is very lovely to the ear especially the one they love or have a crush on, and that’s why most guys would rather call a girl to hear her voice rather than just text them.

4. They try very hard to impress them

Just like girls, some guys have this self esteem issue that makes them act or look a little different from how they would normally look and behave. They seem to appear more mature, wear nice clothes, talk in a soothing voice just to impress their woman. This might sound funny but some guys would even change their accent! All these is usually for their girl to think highly of them and admire them more.

You can now see that no matter how physically or emotionally strong a man is, the things of the heart can actually melt him down and make him to do things he wouldn’t ordinarily do all because he’s in love.

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