4 Things I Noticed From Last BBNaija Saturday Night Party Biggie Hosted For All 24 Housemates


Big Brother reunited the evicted ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates with the finalists to party one last time in the Big Brother Naija house before the reality show ends. All the evicted housemates that attended the party looked stunning in their various outfits, they all danced and enjoyed themselves in the party arena. The finalists also joined the evicted housemates in the arena but it was divided into two parts to keep the ex housemates and the finalists apart till the party was over.


There are some things that i noticed among the ex housemates and finalists at the party and I would share them all below.

1) Saga and Nini weren’t dancing together most of the time.

One thing I know about Saga and Nini before they were evicted from the Big Brother Naija house is that they never leave each other alone on the dance floor. Saga was always dancing with Nini during the Friday and Saturday night parties before they were evicted. Now that they were present at the party Biggie hosted for all the housemates, Saga and Nini weren’t spotted together most of the time.


They were only spotted dancing together two to three times before they separated again. Saga was busy flexing his dancing skills with other ladies and fans were surprised that he can dance very well. Did something change when they got out of the house?

2) Some of the ex housemates danced alone.

I noticed that some of the ex housemates decided to dance alone without minding the rest of their colleagues. Queen, Beatrice and Saskay isolated themselves from the rest of the ex housemates on the dance floor. They faced the mirror and danced alone till the party was over. Maybe they just wanted to be left alone.


3) Jay Paul and Saskay weren’t spotted together

Before they left the house, two of them were one of the closest housemates but it seems like all isn’t well with them now. You may recall that Jay Paul bought flowers for Saskay while they were in the house and they spent most of their time together.

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At the party that Biggie hosted for them, Saskay was spotted dancing with some ex housemates but she spent most of her time dancing alone. Jay Paul danced with the guys but he avoided Saskay for over 2 hours. What is going on?

4) Maria and Pere ignored each other

When the finalists entered the party arena, many of the evicted housemates rushed to greet them but some of them didn’t leave their spot. I noticed that Maria didn’t bother to greet Pere even though they were very close in the house. Maria greeted White Money at some point but ignored Pere who was standing near White Money.


This could be the reason why Pere got back into the house and told cross that he doesn’t care if Maria never speaks to him again.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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