4 Things That Are Not Good For A Guy To Do No Matter How He Likes A Girl.

When love is involved, it’s understandable that there is no better way to make a girl feel impressed than to do certain things. But no matter how you like a girl and seriously want to make her see your likeness for her, don’t do these four things.

(1). Avoid revealing every single detail of your life to a girl, especially if it has not been long you met her. Every girl would like a guy to talk about himself if he’s becoming close with her, and it’s nice, but saying everything because you want to impress her it’s not ideal. Even if you have to, let the relationship get to a certain level.

(2). Sponsoring a girl’s education, avoid it, unless she’s your wife. Financing a girl’s school program because of likeness, or with the hope that you two will marry someday, it’s not a full assurance deal. Or her family has concluded that you are the husband? What if she decides to go her way along the line? So, you see, even if you have to help, just support, but don’t take full responsibility.

(3). Making problems with another guy because of a girl it’s another thing a guy should not do. Guys will always come around a girl even if she dating. so as a guy, if you critically look at all that, you will keep having issues with different guys.


(4). Lastly, trying to take your life because of a girl, don’t do it; likewise to girls. That’s not the purpose of your existence. You didn’t come to this world because of that.

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