4 Things A Woman Should Have Before You Marry Her Apostle By Joshua Selman

The popular Apostle Joshua Selman review some certain secrets a guy should see in a lady before marrying her as his wife. She tells you I am the first born out of how many and you said you still love her. Brothers, I beg you in the name of Jesus the son of the living God it’s better to have an ended relationship than to have a pieces marriage. Bellow Are 4 Things A Guy Should See In A Lady Before You Marry Her.

1# God Fearing


God fearing meaning you respect God, it’s obvious that many ladies don’t respect God anymore. They respect themselves, they respect society but God, there are ladies who are always happy whenever they call them bad names.

If you are a bad girl it’s not a good comment; do you know that the society are making innocent church sisters to feel guilty for been innocent these days? Perhaps because you don’t have a boyfriend, you have not been sleeping around, smoking and all forms of bad lifestyle.

You are happy for being bad, it’s a different thing if it is your past because Jesus has help you out. Any woman who is not God fearing will have her husband and her sponsor, some married women still have affliation with their ex boyfriend.


2# Summition

Don’t marry a woman who can’t summit to your own rules because it will cause so many problem in your marriage. The Bible didn’t said summit to only man enough men.

3# Sacrificial And Hospitable

In the 21st century you marry a woman who is not sacrificial you are marrying disaster. Some women can not keep silent about matters relating to their marriage. No matter how rich you are time will come when you will need sacrifice.

4# Responsibility Mindset.

responsible is a body of obligation over someone and issue or is the awareness of consequence. Some ladies will not achieve their destiny in life because of their indecision.

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