The 4 Weird Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

It’s quite easy to guess what men generally find attractive in women -pretty face, and the obvious nice curves, good Manners, and others.

While we could go on mentioning the endearing attributes that almost every man would be attracted to in split second. Research has discovered that questioning guys that they are some weird things that men love about women things would never have guessed or imagined.

Some of these things are special personal preferences and some Albert common among men but they are all weird nonetheless. Below I have listed four weird things men find attractive in women.

  1. Stretch marks

Those streaks that run down your buttocks or hips. never thought the word stretch mark and attractive girl ever be used in the same sentence. but some guys actually just made it very attractive. a guy tells us that it’s something about loving women despite their imperfections.


  1. Wearing glasses

This is quite common and very understandable. Women in glasses are usually very good looking. If only people knew are gorgeous those frames may make you look. Men said it is because women who wear glasses sometimes look bold and more independent.

  1. Applying makeup

Men usually complain of how long women take to put make-up on. It’s quite unusual or rather strange to state a few men from the research showed interest in their ladies putting makeup on.

“There’s just something fascinating about watching my baby apply makeup. I just sit down and watch her do all the stuff. I love it and of course I love seeing her wear makeup so gorgeously,” a man from the research stated.

  1. Stubborn ladies

I guess a stubborn woman is not one to mess with. She has her own rules. set of boundaries and ways about her that just not falter. But having her on your side means that she will never falter when helping you out as well. Women who are stubborn have their power about them that just cannot be beaten. The research showed that few men showed more interesting stubborn women with his brother weird for their cunning stubbornness.

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