4 Years After She Was Fired For Being Too Pretty, See What Stephanie Does Now

There is a common belief that destiny leads human beings and that no matter how hard they try to escape this destiny, it always catches up to them and shape their livelihood.

This analogy holds true for Stephanie Villagomez, a beautiful fashion model who was sacked from her job as a waitress 4 years ago (2017), because of a seemingly absurd reason of being “too pretty”.

Stephanie was a young lady when she began her career as a waitress, and because she was a single mother, she had to ensure that she makes enough income to sustain herself and her little kid, hence, she has worked in several places before.

But her last place of employment before she was sacked became a milestone in her career because she gained more confidence and happiness in herself after she stopped working as a waitress.

Stephanie has always found it difficult to work with other waitresses because she was beautiful, and she gets more tips from male customers than the others, who probably became jealous of her charms.

Due to some misunderstandings, Stephanie was fired from work, and she had to reason quite hard for another way to make her income, which led her to the discovery of the uses of her beauty.

She began to explore her beauty by modeling for brands, before she finally stood on her own and started growing the audience on Instagram, updating them with her pictures and videos.

As her followers grew on Instagram, her photographer then advised her to consider the potentials, if she were to have so many followers on a website that will pay her for the audience and for every video being watched.

Stephanie heeded the advice, and she opened a “fans-only” website, and like all these types of websites, the users will pay a meager amount of money to get access to the contents, and depending on the number of users, the total revenue could be very huge.

Below are some of her recent pictures

With her Instagram audience already over 2 million (at that time), it was not a difficult task for her to gain many users on her websites, and she began to make huge amounts of money from this website.

As of now, Stephanie makes about, Sixty Thousand Euros (£60,000) in a single month, excluding the other revenues which she gets from her jobs as a model –this amount is about 60 times greater than the initial wages she received when she was a waiter.

Now, Stephanie is respected in the modeling industry, because she is one of the most popular models for female underwear. (Note: Images of her models can not be shared on the platform, but interested readers can proceed with this link to access her Instagram page).

Tell us, what do you think of Stephanie’s current work?

Do you think it is a better replacement for the previous one?


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