A 45-Year-Old Man Living Abroad Wanted To Marry Me And Send Me Abroad, Read What I Did – Lady

A young lady has shared a story of what transpired between her and a 45-year-old man who wanted to marry her and send her abroad after the both of them met on Facebook, a popular social media app.

The lady who is known as EbubeNna on Twitter shared her story amid stories of other girls who have decided to go abroad after they met men over there who wanted to marry them. Some of these girls usually ended up regretting their decision to accept the proposal.

According to the lady, she met the 45-year-old man living abroad on Facebook and she went ahead to befriend him. She discovered later that the man was actually married to a white woman over there in the country where he was based.

She said that the man was quite generous to her as he often showered her with gifts and even went ahead to promise to help her travel to Canada or Australia to further her education. He was to pay for her traveling and also fund her education abroad.

However, when both of them finally met, the man proposed to marry her, saying she had a great personality. He told her that his marriage to the white woman did not matter and they could get married without his wife knowing.

After considering the whole thing, especially the fact that if she refuses to marry the man, her dream of going abroad will never be fulfilled, the young lady said she refused the man’s proposal to marry him as she did not want to end up marrying someone who was already married.

According to her “It was a tough one for me and almost everyone I spoke to about it asked me to go ahead mostly because he was so so wealthy although very humble but after all said and done, I can’t imagine being a second wife and a side chick is no better option, so I told him no”.


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