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5 Days After President Buhari Condemned Sunday Igboho And IPOB, SEE What Lai Muhammed Did To Bandits


Lai Muhammed has blasted those who accused President Buhari of not fighting banditry and terrorism.

The minister made it known that the federal government is doing every possible thing to bring bandits to book and such effort has brought good development in the country.

Lai Muhammed urged members of the public not to listen to the statement or advice of those who are saying that the Nigerian government is not doing anything to stop bandits and terrorists.

Reacting to reports, Lai Muhammed said the president is doing his best to end banditry in the north and other regions in the country where the group has carried out dangerous attacks.


On October 1, 2021, President Muhammadu thanked the Nigerian army for doing their jobs in the right way.

After the statement, the president urged Nigerians to support the effort of the military and say good things about them every time.


After the speech of the President, a Nigerian lawyer blasted the president for not declaring bandits as terrorists.

The report alleged that a Nigerian lawyer, identified as Femi Falana claimed that the bandits have done a lot of things which is not recognized by law and due to that, they ought to have been prescribed.

Femi Falana also accused the Nigerian government of hiding a lot of things from the public.

Due to the statement of Femi Falana and other things which the people of Nigeria have said about Buhari, the minister of information and communication, Lai Muhammed told Nigerians to ignore any information that states that bandits are not been killed or gunned down by the Nigerian army.

On Tuesday, Lai Muhammed said it is unfortunate that some people have continued to make bad statements and give wrong information about what is happening in Nigeria.

He alleged that many people have spread fake news about the activities of the Nigerian soldiers in other to give a bad image to the President of the country.


On Monday, Lai Muhammed said, ” The Nigerian government is doing a lot of things to end banditry. ”

” The success and activities of the Nigerian army against bandits have not been made public on many occasions but the army has done everything to make sure bandits receive the consequences of their actions. ”


” Those saying that Bandits have not been killed or prosecuted are speaking fake news. It is very sad that despite the effort of the Nigerian army, some people are somewhere accusing the Nigerian government of aiding banditry. “


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