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5 ‘Deadly’ Mistakes Guys Make When Chatting With A Girl They Want To Date.

Are you not getting as many dates as you like? That’s because you are making some hidden texting mistakes. These little but deadly errors are messing up your dating life.

It’s time to find out what they are so you can stop them;

  1. Texting Back Too Quickly

Guys, don’t be too anxious to text her back. Some men would lose their mind staring at their phone waiting for her to reply, and when she does, they will rush to pick it up and reply immediately with something foolish and unclear.

Texting her instantly would make her think you are a desperate loser, who has nothing else to do in his day, has no social life and whose world revolves around her.

If you want to make her want you and respect you more, never text back too fast. Try to consistently text back in 15 to 20 minutes and occasionally mix it up to even an hour or so as you progress.

  1. Saying The Old Things Always

It is okay to continue an ongoing joke you had when you met her, but if you stick to the same joke for too long, it will get old and she would get bored.

So make sure you change the subject and the joke is over, don’t keep going back to it if you have got nothing better to say.

  1. Being An Interrogator

There is a trending conception that says since women love talking about themselves it is a good idea to ask them lot of questions. This is not true. No girl would want to be bombarded with too many questions especially questions that are not funny. For instance, what are you doing? have you taken your bathe? have you eaten?. No, those questions are irrelevant.

  1. Using abbreviations while texting

When you are using text slang, improper grammar, or being lazy to check your messages before you send them, chances are you have already failed.

Read your text messages before you send them. Don’t use incoherent slangs and short abbreviations like “wat did u eat 2nite? instead of” wat did u eat tonight?

  1. Using complimentary words

Words like you are beautiful or gorgeous is good but would make a lady think you take her like every other girl because that’s a general words for girls.

You can form a sweet nickname for her instead of complimenting her.

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