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5 Decisions Joe Biden Has Made Towards Homosexuality In America Over The Years.


Joe Biden’s Stance And Decisions on Homosexuality In America Over The Years.

Joe Biden has strongly been a contender to his rival, Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race. He has garnered a lot of support from the citizens of the United States as it can be seen through the number of states that massively voted for him. Presently, Joe Biden is ahead of Trump with the score of 264 against Trumps 214.

All that is needed is 270 and the next president of the United States will be announced. This election is very important to lots of countries as US is the present world power and whoever wins will make a huge impact to not just America but the rest of the world.

Many Nigerians are concerned with Biden being the president because of his support for the LGBT and knowing how religious Nigerians are they do not want anyone who supports Homosexuality to be president as they feel its not Christian like of the person.

But the truth is over the years, Biden hasn’t always been a strong supporter of the LGBT community and most especially Homosexuals. He actually didn’t like them and made some votes and decisions that weren’t favorable to such people in the past.

Over the years, below are some of the decisions that Joe Biden has made towards Homosexuals that will make you wonder why he suddenly changed and supported them.

1) In 1993, Biden Voted for a provision that saw Homosexuality not suitable / incompatible with military life and this banned gay people from serving in the armed forces. This decision of his really affected the lives of gay people in the military then as some lost their jobs.

2) In 1994, Biden voted and agreed on the Defense of Marriage Act. This Marriage Act prohibited / prevented the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages and it went further to ban individuals in same sex marriage from equal protection under federal law and allowing state government to do the same.

3) Also, around August 1994, Biden voted for an amendment to cut off the federal government funding school that taught “acceptance of Homosexuality as a lifestyle”. This mainly would affect public schools who taught students that to accept Homosexuality.

4) During Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign, he solely refused to acknowledge same sex marriage (gay marriage). After being asked if he would see himself accepting gay marriage in 5 years to come and when he is president, Biden blunty refused and said he won’t accept it.

5) The 5th time Biden made a decision on Homosexuality In America was during his 2020 presidential campaign and this time his his stance and decision on Homosexuality was different because he now supported it.

He even went far to claim that he is the first major leader to accept same sex marriage which isn’t true.

Is this some sort of strategy to get the LGBT community to To support and vote for him knowing fully well that they dislike Donald Trump?

Because over the years the decisions Biden has made towards Homosexuality hasn’t really been in support of them. He was really against them, so why the change of heart now.

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