5 Jokes You Should Always Tell Your Crush to Make Her Happy

Laughter is the best route to follow if you want to win a woman’s heart. If you have been in the romance game for long, then you will agree with me when I say that ladies love guys that are funny, and as such, to make that girl you have been crushing on since finally fall head over heels, employ humor.

Even if you are not a joke or comic person, you can still chip in very funny statements along the line. Don’t allow your conversation sound like an interrogation, you are not a police man but looking for love. So make the whole process peaceful, cool and also fun for the lady, so that she won’t see you as a very serious person. To further assist this plan, we are going to have a look at some of the jokes you should consider telling your crush to make her happy. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

#1 Joke; Babe, Some people fall off their bikes, some fall from trees. But the best way for you to fall is in love with me. I really love you.

#2 Joke; I am so sorry that I wasn’t part of your past but can I make it up to you by being a part of your future?

#3 joke; Hey Beauty, I am an unemployed guy with a certificate in cuddling, a diploma in caring and a degree in kissing, do you have a job for me?

#4 Joke; I am sorry but from the way things are going, someone might ask you to leave here soon. And I wouldn’t blame them, I mean, just look at how pretty you are. You are making every other person look bad.

#5 joke; Sorry to disturb you, but could you tell me what time it is right now? I just want to remember the time I met the girl of my dreams.

Please, also remember that you have to make the jokes real enough to convince her that you are original. Don’t go about reading it from this article directly to her to avoid turning her off.


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