5 Major Things You Must Do If You Want To Make A Girl Not To Forget You

Finding true love is one thing, making the relationship last is another thing. True love these days is very difficult. As a man, to find a lady who will love you for who you are is not easy likewise for ladies, getting a man who truly loves you and will not take advantage of you is another thing. Finding someone who will always be beside you during though times is one thing, keeping them in a relationship with you for a very long time is another thing.

With exceptions of reverend fathers and reverend sisters, relationship and marriage is a very important phase in every bodies life existence. You will want to love and be loved in return.

In exception of priests and reverend sisters, relationship or marriage is a major phase in life that every body will experience.

So guys, if you want a lady not to forget you, below are things you should do.

Guys, i shall be discussing briefly on the major things you must do to keep your memories fresh in her thoughts.

1 Be creative. Guys it is advised that you look for a way to make your relationship full of adventure.

2 Always give her a special romantic name such that when she hears it some where else, she will remember you.

3 Join her in doing some house chores, this is because ladies appreciate when a man wants to help out.

4 Let her not just be your partner, make her understand that she is your soul make. You both should respect each other and see yourselves as equals

5 Another great way of keeping your memories fresh is by always calling and texting her.


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