5 Most Dangerous Pastors In The World & Their Super Devious Powers.

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These men of God display varying degrees of miracles and are so powerful that have left many people doubting their source of power.

They have performed uncommon wonders from Walking on the Air to Walking on water, healing the sick, raising the death, Talking to God physically over the phone, Turning stone into Gold, turning grasses into bread and feeding members with those grasses and lot more…

While thousands of their followers belief strongly in them, some people are still in doubt, and are wondering if some of these prophets are part of the end time false prophets the bible talked about, or true men of God.

Well, it’s not in our place to judge.
So, in this post, we bring to you 5 of the world strongest pastors and their mind boggling miracles and power.
Checkout the list of Five most powerful pastors in the World below
1• Shepherd Huxley Bushiri (major1)
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Shepherd Bushiri (born 20 February 1983), also known as Major 1 or Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is a Malawian Christian pastor, motivational talker, and businessman

He founded Enlightened Christian Gathering based in South Africa with headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa and branches in other African countries and around the world. Tens of thousands of people are attracted to the church every day. He describes the church as a Prophetic Ministry based on the principle that “God cares and loves people and wants to speak directly to them”

Prophet Bushiri once walked on air during church service to the astonishment of everyone.
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The man of God walked on air to prove to the world that indeed, God is a God of signs and wonders, Although, he encountered so much attacks from people who felt he possessed some earthly powers.

In October 2020, Shephard and his wife Mary were arrested in South Africa on corruption charges. After skipping bail by running out of the country, Bushiri was arrested in Malawi on November 18, 2020, but was soon afterwards released.
2• Alph Lukau
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Alph Lukau is a renowned author and power televangelist with hundreds of thousands of men and women under his direct leadership.

He is the senior Pastor and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International which he has founded in February 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also owns a television channel called AMI TV that broadcasts via satellite all over Africa and Southern Europe. He has about 6 children and married to his dear wife, Celeste Lukau. According to his members, Alph is notable for carryout spiritual assignments and prophesying in church and crusades. Infact, Alph Lukau has performed rare miracles that put him on the map. Top among them which he did was the miracle of resurrection.
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In February, 2019, he claimed to have rose the dead during a church service and the whole process was captured on camera, this brought about doubts and criticisms by people and even the SA government decided to investigate the scandal and it was discovered that the whole thing was staged (fake).
3• Paul Sanyangore
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Paul Sanyangore is a Zimbabwean religious leader and self-proclaimed prophet and also the founder of Victory World International Ministeries. He started the church in 2014, in the said residence.
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Amongst his numerous miracles was claiming to speaking with God directly over the mobile phone during a church program.

In May 2017, the prophet was ready to give people God’s phone number after he had interacted with Heaven as members requested for it, but unfortunately, he did not give anyone. Adding that he has no right to offer the contact to anybody apart from himself.
4• Penuel Mnguni
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Prophet Penuel Mnguni a new generation preacher and the founder of End Time Disciples Ministry. He is otherwise known as Snake Pastor. Just as the name of his church depicts, he has done lots of mind blowing wonders.

During church service, he commanded his members to eat snake in the performance of miracles.
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The self acclaimed man of God is also known for infusing unusual wonders at different phases just to prove that there is nothing impossible with his god. He once ordered a woman to enter a deep freezer that was at high freezing point and told her to fall asleep inside, 30 minutes later he opened the Freezer and asked the woman to come out. When people asked how she felt inside, she told then the refrigerator was so hot. Although the fridge was on.

Penuel, after many years of working wonders, the man moved to TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nation where he confessed that the miracles he had been composing was not real. He also added that TB Joshua tricked him into saying all what he narrated during his deliverance in Lagos.
5• Daniel Obinim
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The Argumentative Ghanaian preacher, Daniel Obinim popularly called ‘Angel Obinim’ due to his miracle of nature. He is the senior Head Bishop of International God’s Way Church. Daniel was born on the 29 day of 1977 in western Ghana.

In 2016, he told his church he could transform himself and others into objects and animals. Jon Benjamin, the British High Commissioner to Ghana, ridiculed him for these claims over Twitter.

In 2014 Obinim was seen on television stepping on the belly of a woman in a “deliverance”. This led the Amnesty International in Ghana to call for his prosecution for assault.

Obinim in August 2016 publicly flogged two teenagers, one of whom was pregnant, on live television, accusing them of fornicating and conspiring to abort a pregnancy, leading to public outcry, after the video also went viral on social media.

Ghana’s Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection Nana Oye Lithur herself led a campaign for his arrest, by lodging a complaint to the Ghana Police Service Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit (DOVVSU). He was subsequently arrested.

Following the arrest, hundreds of his church members besieged the police station where he was held to demand his release, a move that was seen to be the first of its kind involving a religious leader. They also threatened not to vote for the current government in Ghana’s upcoming election in December 2016 if Obinim is not released. The protesters were dispersed with a water


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