5 Names Ladies Call Their Boyfriend If They Love Them

When a lady finally loves, she lives with all her heart, that’s why when they are treated badly by their man they get hurt. If you have a girlfriend that loves you, you must have noticed she calls you by some sweet names whenever you are having some conversation with her.

You don’t have to make a lady use sweet and romantic words on you, cause a girl who loves you will call you by does names without you telling her to. Love flows freely it isn’t something that should be forced, it is something from the heart.

Below are 5 names Ladies call their Boyfriend if they love them.

1 Sweetheart

Not everybody uses this name, so when your girlfriend calls you by this name, just know she loves you.

2 My heartbeat

She is letting you know how much her heartbeat for you whenever she calls you by this name. Most Ladies use it, only a few will say it because they are in love

3 My love

A woman that loves a man will surely use this name to refer to him, she is in love and wants the whole world to know you are the one.

4 Boo

Boo is one of the common sweet names Ladies call their man, cause they love him and see him as someone that will be their future husband.

5 Handsome

Even when their Boyfriend is not that handsome, they want to make him realize that to them he is the most handsome man and the man that makes their heartbeat.


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